Your next adventure happens here at the Skwentna Roadhouse!
The roadhouse was part of my son's 16th birthday adventure that I promised. Halfway through the Alaskan adventure was the Roadhouse. This place is the next best place to home. Cindi's cooking is fantastic. Mark is a blast to ride and fish with on the rivers. Cookies are always ready and there is no telling who will stop in and share stories.
We struck gold finding the Roadhouse!


Mark Torkelson and Cindi Herman

   Cindi Herman -
Life long Alaskan will be your hostess. Cindi is an accomplished hunter, fisherman & all around outdoors woman. She loves to cook and cooks from the heart. She is thankful for this opportunity as it is allowing her to fulfill a life long dream.  We both look forward to your visit and hope you enjoy your stay.

  Mark Torkelson - Life long Alaskan and is a veteran sno go racer. Mark won the Iron Dog Classic in 1989 and has completed and placed in the top 10 - 9 times! He is also nicknamed the “Arctic Rescuer”Who is well known for his ability to rescue the unfortunate adventurer who has run his vessel aground or has a mechanical breakdown – whether in summer or winter – small engine repair is also available. Mark will be your host & he is also the MacGyver of the family and sometimes guide.

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Skwentna Roadhouse
100 Happiness Lane
Skwentna, Alaska 99667
United States
Main: 907.733.2726
Cell: 907.841.5958


Mark Torkelson & Cindi Herman
Skwentna Roadhouse Monitors Aviation Radio channel and pilots can call on 122.9 for pick up... and a burger or a banana roll!

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