Your next adventure happens here at the Skwentna Roadhouse!
The roadhouse was part of my son's 16th birthday adventure that I promised. Halfway through the Alaskan adventure was the Roadhouse. This place is the next best place to home. Cindi's cooking is fantastic. Mark is a blast to ride and fish with on the rivers. Cookies are always ready and there is no telling who will stop in and share stories.
We struck gold finding the Roadhouse!




  • Room and Board
  • Homemade cookies ~Fresh banana & pumpkin rolls
     Home cooked meals
  • Sno Machine rentals
  • Guided Sno machine tours
  • Guided Hunts
  • All large Game
  •  Iditasport
  • The Iron Dog the longest snomachine race in the world
  • The Iditarod Invitational McGrath and Nome and...
    The Alaska Ultra Sport
  • The Greatest race on earth - The Iditarod - the First weekend in March
  • Poker runs X 3
  • Iron Dog appreciation weekend
  • Alaskan Fun
  • Watch our Facebook for dates
  • Fuel discount to all Iron Dog racers

Easy Airport Access

  • We provide transportation to and from the Airport
    for all our adventurers
  • Skwentna Roadhouse monitors an Aviation Radio and pilots can call on channel 122.9 for pick up... and a burger!
  • For you pilots out there you are always welcome, anytime. Just give us a call on the radio or the phone we will pick you
  • Av gas 100 ll available at the Road house



Winter Adventures

Come enjoy our Winter Paradise, we have miles and miles of groomed trails for the winter sport enthusiast or for a family get away.  In just about every corner of Alaska there are sno go's, they are used for work and for fun. "Fun" is the key word here! Facts are that most folks believe that Alaska is really "Seward's Icebox" when in fact our region is blessed with a warmer average temperature then a good portion of the lower 48 states (but let's keep that a secret).

Hopping on an Alaska bush plane viewing the sights while being transported will get you excited enough.

But that's just the beginning...

Getting to the Roadhouse going for a guided or unguided sno machine trip on one of our brand new Snogo Rentals – for the day. Imagine playing in our backyard on the historic Iditarod & Irondog Trails - with Mt McKinley (Denali) Looming in the near scenery!


Then at the end of your trail nestling up to a warm wood stove enjoying some hot chocolate or having wine/ hot toddies, while enjoying the camaraderie and delectable cuisine of the Skwentna Roadhouse– a small family owned & operated Alaskan lodge – is well within your grasp.

We provide transportation to and from the State owned and operated airport!

The Skwentna Roadhouse is proud to offer a 50% room rate discount - sponsor for all Iron Dog racers Trail and Pro - self-powered racers ~ Iditasport and Iditarod Invitational Ultra sport athletes & all Dog mushers in training… We enjoy all athletes equally.

We will continue to sponsor all Iron Dog teams equally both Pro & Trail Class with a .50 cents per gallon discount for Unleaded - during your training.


The Iditasport a revived race 
 * Self powered   * Bike   * Ski   * Walkk

The Iron Dog 3rd weekend in February
The longest toughest snomachine race in the world...

The Iditarod Invitational - (Ultra Sport)
Starts at Knik Lake Last Sunday in February World's longest Ultra Winter Race across frozen Alaska
* Self powered   * Bike   * Ski   * Walk

   We offer many hours of fun Snomachining the Iditarod Trail, the other groomed trails in the area as well as Wilderness areas with no trails. We are located 65 miles Northwest of Anchorage. A very notable feature of our area is Denali National Park and Mount McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America, standing 20,320' above sea-level. Mount McKinley is approximately 60 miles to our North. On clear days, which often occur in the winter the mountain is very visible from the lodge area.


*('Sno-go' is slang for sled, snomachine, and snowmobile)


This year's poker runs were great fun. Check our Facebook for this winters Poker run Dates & Poker Run details. See attached Poker Run flyer for information.

Contact us through our email or call and we will be glad to plan your trip & quote pricing. We look forward to your visit.


Skwentna’ s Annual Skwentna Pike Fishing Derby

Begins February 15, to March 30 Yearly - Fun for the whole family $20.00 for adults & $10.00 for Youths (16). Sponsors include: Big Lake Aurora Lions Club and Skwentna Roadhouse.

For Dates & Event Details
Find us on Facebook

Find us on Facebook!

Skwentna Roadhouse
100 Happiness Lane
Skwentna, Alaska 99667
United States
Main: 907.733.2726
Cell: 907.841.5958


Mark Torkelson & Cindi Herman
Skwentna Roadhouse Monitors Aviation Radio channel and pilots can call on 122.9 for pick up... and a burger or a banana roll!

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