Your next adventure happens here at the Skwentna Roadhouse!

We are proud to have the following live performers here at the Roadhouse on our special event weekends both in Summer and Winter: 

  • Lisa Good Band, a local Alaskan musician
  • "Me & Mister Little" featuring Christine McHoes


Winter Events

The winter adventures are just as much fun — if not more – than summer, from spearing the Northern Pike, to jigging for a giant Lake Trout. Have you ever pulled a 20 pound lake trout out of the ice before? How about catching dozens of Northern Pike? Do you want to?

Come watch the Iron Dog, the longest and toughest sno-go (snowmobile) race in the world. See these men and women come through headed off to Nome and into some of Alaska's wildest and most remote areas.

Riding a sno-go to lakes that are off the beaten path and some that have never been fished before... Your ice fishing and winter adventures are fun and exciting. So why sit around and wait for summer? To Book a trip ~ when you can come any time of the year.


Sled Rentals

Skwentna Roadhouse will be offering exclusive - guided snomachine tours - We aren't doing packages - we are streamlining our trips 1 - 7 days around our customers – you tell us what you want and we will make it happen…. Fly into Skwentna Alaska! ~ a quaint little Alaskan bush community ~ Sno machine From Skwentna to the Hayes Glacier, or From Skwentna to Rainy Pass and beyond on the Irondog and Iditarod trails or maybe From Skwentna to the old gold fields near – Collinsville, near and through the Petersville hills - we have miles of groomed trails and not so groomed trails for the more experienced…

If you can dream it we will make it happen – We are off the grid ~ where the Bush begins in Alaska...

Skwentna's Annual Winter Pike Fishing Derby
February 15- March 30th

  The Pike Derby is being brought to you by the Big Lake Aurora Lions Club and the Skwentna Road House.

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Iron Dog Appreciation Weekend

See attached flyer for information

We have saved the best for last – Last March we started a new winter event here at the Roadhouse"IRON DOG APPRECIATION Weekend" - Was it ever a hit …Let me explain this Idea: We originally started this weekend to thank the Iron Dog Racer's & Families who have supported us since we opened in 2010 – ( I think they Thanked me more than I could thank them.) We wanted a place where everyone (the racers young and old) could come and share stories new and old – there are so many stories to share and to tell –We talked about it for a couple years and after the accident in 2012 We wanted to start something that could help our fellow friends and families ☺ God Forbid anything should happen again - Took us a coIron Dog Appreciation Weekenduple years to figure things out.. and so we created a weekend where we could all have fun, ride and enjoy the camaraderie of the Iron Dog Family

So we are on the right trail now we wanted to start a fund to help our Iron Dog Family in time of need – We hope we never need this fund But it is started now. Thank you to all…. We had to start someplace and last March we raised over 1500.00 for our first fundraiser – we donated 50% to the Urban student exchange program and we started our new Irondog Friends & Family Fund (IDF&FF) fund with the remainder. I am absolutely astounded... And thankful…
We are still working out the details so please be patient... Several folks collaborated and even wrote a new Iron Dog song and how fitting is this it was it was sung First by no other than : Heather Tuckness Sottasanti ~ what a beautiful voice.

Miss Harriet Hamilton Fennerty graciously volunteered to help set up the fund, she will also manage the new Iron Dog Friends and Family Fund. (Can't think of anyone more perfect for this task) With the help and support of volunteers Miss Christine Dout Olds and Miss Heather Tuckness Sottasanti.

So from now on we have set aside the 3rd weekend in March - to celebrate the Race the riders and their families. We will have the fundraiser at the Skwentna Roadhouse – ALL Rooms paid for will be donated to the fund and we will work diligently through the year to add to the fund.

Please contact us for any questions.

See our Winter Page for more info.

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