About Us

Skwentna Roadhouse is tucked into the shadow of the Alaska Range. What’s more we are nestled in the middle of 2 major rivers, the Yentna and the Skwentna that team with fish, wildlife & adventures. The Roadhouse is located 65 miles Northwest of Anchorage and only accessible by snowmachine, fat tire bike, boat or aircraft.

We are also lucky enough to have in our very own front yard an Alaskan State owned and operated Runway which allows for air traffic on wheels pretty much all year long.  Of course, that’s depending on weather.  Some folks ask why there is such a nice runway here.  To answer that question:  it was built originally for the Lend Lease program during WWII and that’s where it all started!

The Skwentna Roadhouse has been catering to adventure seekers for nearly 40 years.  Originally built in the late 80’s to house school children. Around the turn of the century the school closed and Skwentna Roadhouse became a fishing & hunting lodge.

Since then the Skwentna Roadhouse a true “Diamond in the Rough” has become The Best Kept secret in Alaska’s outback – a popular hotspot for the Alaskan adventurer.

The Skwentna Roadhouse recently added a large dining room.  I call it the Lodge room – it can seat about 40 comfortably and has a full bar.  This is where we have great food and camaraderie with friends, visitors and staff.  At the Roadhouse, you will always enjoy a wonderful home cooked meal.

Cindi Herman, The Skwentna Roadhouse wouldn’t be complete without her. She is a born Alaskan with more strength, grit, and determination in her pinky finger than most people have in their whole body. Cindi is the owner, operator and all around face of the Skwentna Roadhouse. She has lived there from the day she bought the roadhouse back in 2010, since then has put her heart and soul into the Skwentna Roadhouse and it shows. Cindi is an avid hunter, fishermen, and all around outdoors-woman who often says shes “living the dream” at the Skwentna Roadhouse and she welcomes you to come visit her and experience her diamond in the rough for yourself. She’s recently expanded the new dining room, so come in, sit down and enjoy Cindi’s always delicious home cooked meals. Don’t forget her fresh, homemade cinnamon buns, they’re worth the trip. Whenever you arrive; by airplane, boat or snowmachine, her 2 gorgeous dogs and her smiling face will be there to greet you!

So come on in, grab a cup of hot coffee and a chair, Cindi would love the company.

If you can dream it… We can make it happen!

Alaskan folk lore has it that the taller the fire weed the more snow coming in the winter. It also shows how much summer is left… the more pods in bloom the closer to summers end.

“Thank you so Much for a great visit and wonderful food.
Skwentna Roadhouse is a true Diamond in the Rough..”
Pia Bergquist – Flight instructor & Writer for Flying Magazine

“Thanks for the awesome hospitality and home cooking this was the highlight of the trip”
Steve Ritzi Tampa Bay Florida

“You all made our Alaska Dream come true & then some!!
What a great time we will be back for sure!!”
Dave & Leslie Wilson Fisherman/guests San Diego California

We would like to thank all of our military personnel for their service!

Thank you for all that you do!!

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