Skwentna Flyin 2020

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Event Results

Open/ Experimental Take Off Landing Total Footage /Time
1 st Jeremy Pepperd N37PX8985174
2ndButch Kingston N16WK94102196
3rdTom Hudzinski484WT10992201*
4thRon Kuzina 4816B94130224*
Bush / Stock Take Off Landing Total Footage /Time
1 st Chris Wycoff N89ZW136145281
2nd Denie Serie W1127A142161303
3rdCache Carr6275I 151165316
4thGary Foster N6883Z135232367
Lite Touring Take Off Landing Total Footage /Time
1 st Steve Spence 6901A128145273
2nd Mark HasnerN2235D132149281
3rdTerry Godes 170JL108185293
4th Shawn Holly 2711C155142297
Heavy TouringTake Off Landing Total Footage /Time
1 st Chet HarrisN9034E190198348
2nd Brent JohnsonN108EE215216431
3rdJames Spikes N481D160278438
4thKevin Doyle N9751B200275475
2nd Skwentna Drag Time
Grand Champion Shawn Holly15:36
2ndGeoff Oliver "BirthDay Boy "16:14
3rdRod Hansen16:32
4thMark Hasner16:58
5thZach Kelley17.03
Flour Bombing Total Footage
Cancelled due to weather " Thunderstorm"